Kursk State Medical University, Russia

Kursk State Medical University – Taking Medical Education to a New Height

If you are looking for MBBS abroad, Russia is the first name that comes to the mind of most Indian aspirants. A simple reason that leads their choice is that it is one of the favorite destinations for international students in recent times. It has many high-quality medical universities that draw international attention – Kursk State Medical University, Russia is one of them. It is one of the leading and most successful medical universities in Russia. It has been the center of attraction for both national and international students due to its top-grade MBBS program. KSMU is known for its innovative research and sublime facilities for students including exhaustive infrastructure.

It has been established in 1935 and got the status of a university in 1994. Since then, more than 44000 pharmacists, doctors, and healthcare specialists have successfully graduated from this university. It is among the first universities in Russia that commenced teaching graduate and undergraduate programs in English medium. Kursk State Medical University is considered among the top 10 universities in Russia due to many factors. The major reason for this university to be in the top 10 rankings is its high-quality standard and prestigious faculty members. University is well-equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities that help students and professors to carry out comprehensive research and training activities.

Some Encouraging Numbers

The university has more than 9000 students from 54 countries. It incorporates almost 30% of international students in which a large number of Indian students are also studying. It comprises students in higher education, graduates, secondary vocational education, interns, and healthcare workers. There are 67 departments and 14 faculties in the university. The total number of academic staff working in KSMU is 752 including 115 D.Sc. 408 Ph.D. The university has a big with adequate reading space within the campus. The library has a compilation of more than 500 books. There are 7 training buildings and 6 Kursk State Medical University hostel buildings.  The university also has an Ecological and Medicinal Research Institute, polyclinic, a canteen, and a cafeteria.

Get Direct Admission

Every now and then, some excellent Kursk State Medical University reviews by the students doing MBBS draw the attention of the admission seekers in KSMU. It is due to a high standard of education and up-to-date methods of teaching and training adopted by the university.  Moreover, problem-solving classes,  lecture-dialogue, multimedia training tools, computer technologies for training, advanced testing, treatment, and diagnosing system make it more formidable in offering seamless medical education. According to Kursk State Medical University’s website, it consistently initiates and conducts All-Russian and International Conference on current problems of pharmacy, medicine, psychology, and pedagogical technologies in medical education.     

Focus on practical training for students

During the MBBS program at KSMU, high attention is paid to the practical training of future doctors, pharmacists, and other specialists. With the help of direct contact with patients in clinical departments and practical training, students can develop the necessary skills and professional abilities. Global acknowledged virtual simulators and mannequins are also part of their practical infrastructure.

Glance on KSMU Important Information

Name of the Institute Kursk State Medical University
Location Kursk City, Central Russian
Popular Name/Abbrev. KSMU
Institute Type Federal/Public
Year of Establishment 1935
Number of Faculty 14
Medium of Instruction English/Russian
NEET Required Yes, It is Required & Mandatory
Courses Offered General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Clinical Physiology
Cost of Living 100-160 US Dollar
Minimum percentage required 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology aggregate
IELTS/TOEFL Not Required
Processing Time for MBBS Admission 30 days Approx.
Fees for MBBS 6200 USD/ (approx)Each Year
Duration of MBBS 6 Years
University Recognition WHO, NMC of India Approved
Total Number of Students 9000 including 3000+ International Students
University Ranking Country Ranking – 209 (Sources: 4icu.org)
World Ranking – 5877 (Sources: 4icu.org)
Category Medical Colleges in Russia
Contact Official Representative RREC website:– www.rrecrussia.comwww.rrecrostov.com

Why Should Students Enroll in Kursk State Medical University?

There are plenty of reasons that will force you to choose KSMU for the MBBS course in 2021 such as:

No donation or capitation

A big sigh of relief, isn’t it? Yes, you are not supposed to pay any kind of donation or capitation amount to grab a medical seat unlike in Indian private medical colleges. You will be offered admission on a merit basis. Students will pay tuition fees like many other national or international students at KSMU.

Sublime education standard

The quality of education always matters for students looking for MBBS abroad. There is an excellent combination of classroom learning and practical training in hospitals and polyclinics. Many international students are benefitted and still receiving the unparalleled quality of medical education at a reasonable cost.

Affordable fees

Reasonable Kursk State Medical University fees structure is much cheaper and reasonable as compared to many Indian private medical colleges and universities. It is almost 4 times lower than the Indian medical institutes. It is a great opportunity for Indian students who could not pay an unreasonable amount yet want to get a top-notch medical education.

English medium

KSMU is the first medical institute to start an English medium MBBS course. It is highly beneficial for international students including Indian students. The Russian language is also taught to the student which gives them an opportunity to learn the local language and dialect as well.

Student support and services

Whether it is parents or students they need not worry about any issue that transpires on the campus. Students have ample support and services that will help them to focus on their studies and nothing else. There is an “International Student Department” to deal with any issues related to them. Moreover, the RREC team is also with students to lend assistance whenever required.

Robust pattern

The pattern of education is reliable and robust. It offers a quality of education that is at par with European and International Standard. The university MBBS program is a part of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). It means students can pursue further education in European countries after doing their MBBS from Kursk State Medical University, Russia.

Global experience and exposure

The university has a healthy ratio of international students which provides great exposure and learning experience for the students. They are also exposed to cultural, physical, and sports activities to develop their all-around personality traits. Hence, they are supposed to be more matured when they complete their degree and looking for global opportunities.

Top ranking

Kursk State Medical University ranking is among the top medical universities in Russia. Whether it is a world ranking of Kursk State Medical University country it is based on various factors such as quality standard, infrastructure, faculty, management, and so on. KSMU ranks well on all these measures to grab top spots in Russia.

History at a Glance

Since the day it has been established in 1935, the university has produced an upward graph on development quality measures as far as MBBS teaching is concerned. KSMU was awarded the status of a full-fledged university in 1994. The university is regarded as the esteemed center of education and cultural advancement in Russia. Since 2016, KSMU has been actively and comprehensively working in tandem with three academic clusters – Chemicopharmaceutical, Stomatological, and Western-European. In 2012, the Pharma-Medical College joined KSMU. A major step taken by the university and association of the college, allows more specific measures to improve the quality of training specialists as well as making more rational use of resources in the university which contributed massively to the university steep rise on the international front.

In 2004, Kursk State Medical University is listed in the top 100 universities in Russia by the decision of the independent public council “European Council”. In 2012, it broke into the list of most effective universities in Russia. The institution is extensively known for its groundbreaking medical advancement. Kursk State Medical University has constantly evolved and shown tremendous ability to catch up with ever-transforming advancements in technology in science and medicine. The success of KSMU is based on its credibility which has been garnered and thrived over the years by excellent administration and management.

MBBS Fees Structure and Course Duration in KurskSMU 2021/22          

It is already mentioned that Kursk State Medical University fees are not on the higher side. The major reason is that it is a government-funded institution. The affordable fees are the reason why it attracts students from all over the world.

Kursk State Medical University MBBS fee structure is given below:

Fees Pattern

(Per Year)

1st year 2nd year to 6th year Grand Total

USD Dollars

6280 USD 6200 USD 37280$


Included Included
Insurance Included Included

Food Excluded Excluded

Total in INR Rs 4,60, 000 Rs 4,52,000

Rs 27,30,000

Note: The cost is approx. as it may fluctuate with the current currency rate.

*fees include tuition, hostel, medical insurance, registration & visa extension.

Hostel Facility at KSMU

Students are offered a well-furnished and affordable hostel facility at KSMU:

  • There are 6 fully furnished hostels in KSMU for students.
  • 3 hostels among the 6 are dedicated to foreign students.
  • Rooms will be facilitated on a sharing basis.
  • Facilities like hot and cold water, heater, electricity, etc. are duly available in the hostel.
  • Students are provided a separate wardrobe, chair, table, pillow, bedsheet, and blanket.
  • One common kitchen is also available for students to cook their own food.
  • Mess facility is also available where one can relish a variety of Chinese, Russian, Indian, Malaysian, and many more types of food.

Why University Hostel is a Good Option for Indian Students?

The hostel buildings of medical universities in Russia have located nearby the university campus. It’s a nearby university that enables students to reach quickly in the university to attend their class. Strict norms and vigilance are placed to ensure 100% safety and security for foreign students. The building is equipped with CCTV cameras and other modern security systems are installed in the Kursk State Medical University hostel building for the safety and wellbeing of the foreign students.

Indian students have a number of benefits if they opt for the university hostel. In fact, it is recommended for them in the initial years because as a foreigner to this land they do not know the local language and it might be a challenging task to deal with the people if you live in rented accommodation. You may flat or apartments on rent and stay there in later years during their MBBS course in Russia.

What makes KSMU Worth-applying for MBBS in 2021/22?

  • The excellent student-teacher ratio of 2:20 better individual care
  • Renowned faculties that focus on enhancing the medical skills of the students
  • Recognized by prominent international bodies like WHO, UNESCO, NMC, etc.
  • Multicultural environment, international exposure, and peaceful atmosphere on the campus
  • First medical universities in Russia to initiate a complete medical training program in English.
  • A high percentage of student passing in FMGE/NEXT examination
  • Global standards and norms followed to produce top-class education.
  • More than 30 Russian medical schools are listed in the international ranking of university medical study.

Accreditation and Recognition

Kursk State Medical University is accredited and recognized by:

  • National Medical Commission of India (NMC)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • United State Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • United Nation Education, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • Department of Education (USA)
  • General Medical Council of United Kingdom

Why MBBS from Russia bring so many advantages for students?

Problem galore in India

In India, every MBBS aspirant has to sweat from head to toe to grab a legitimate seat in a reputed medical institution. It is almost next to impossible. Due to fierce competition and very limited seat availability in government medical colleges and universities, a large number of students in our society remain deprived of their dream to achieve an MBBS degree. Moreover, the cost of private medical colleges in India is almost 4 times higher than that of reputed and world-renowned Russian medical universities. Besides, there are plenty of other issues and hurdles as well students come across in India. Under such circumstances, choosing the best option for MBBS in Russia is almost inevitable.

Opportunity in Russia

In the 21st century, Russia has evolved as a superpower in the field of education, science, technology, and economy. It has been a phenomenal MBBS destination for international students for over 2 decades owing to its flexible policy, quality in education, and safety and security measures for foreign students. It also offers relatively affordable medical education as compare to several Western and European MBBS destinations without compromising the quality of education. It has state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern tools & technology, and research and training centers of international standards. Students get plenty of exposure, experience, and learning.

Russia has a stunning 94% literacy rate. Moreover, it is the land of scientists, researchers, academicians, and philosophers. Russia has given so many intellectuals and scholars to the world. You will not get a better place to get medical education than Russia as it is rich in educational inspiration and

Benefits of Doing MBBS in Russia

  • It offers Kursk State Medical University admission to foreign students without any competitive or entrance exam.
  • No donation or capitation fees required.
  • The strength of students studying in a group is not more than 15-20 students
  • A renowned medical institution with rigorous teaching standards
  • The medium of instruction is English throughout.
  • Affordable Kursk State Medical University MBBS fees and cost of living
  • International exposure and diversity in medical university
  • Students get ample opportunity to work during and after MBBS in Russia.
  • Students are encouraged to participate more in practical training during their course

Intake in KSMU

The university is also a popular choice for Indian students because Kursk State Medical University admission or intake transpires twice a year. The two intakes for foreign students are – September & February respectively. It is a huge advantage for those who could apply during the first intake in the university. It facilitates cutting-edge teaching methodologies and eminent faculties offering their services in different departments.

Admission, Eligibility, and Document Required

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The minimum qualification age is 17 on or before 31st Dec of the year in which seeking admission.
  • The candidate must have passed his 10th and higher secondary education (12th) from a recognized board or organization.
  • There should be a minimum of 50% in PCB.
  • The candidate must have cleared the NEET examination for Kursk State Medical University admission in KSMU.
  • The candidate must provide a health certificate mentioning negative contagious diseases such as HIV, a Chest x-ray, Medical fitness certificate.

Document required for admission in KurskSMU 2021/22

  • A passport with at least 2 years of validity.
  • Certificate and mark sheet of 10th class. (Higher school)
  • Certificate and mark sheet of 12th class. (Secondary school)
  • The NEET Scorecard. (with Qualified marks)
  • Fees Guarantee letter for 6 years. from parents. 
  • Notarized birth certificate if the student is not 18 years old. 
  • 20 passport size photo – 4.5 x 3.5 cm with 80% face at the matte paper. 
  • Documents apostille from the Ministry of HRD & External Affairs, India.
  • Medical fitness certificate. 
  • Report of HIV test (Negative).
  • Documents should be translated & legalized by the Russian Embassy.

Why choose RREC for admission to Kursk State Medical University?

Many students are not aware and informed of all the relevant information that will require for successful admission to Kursk State Medical University, Russia. Lack of information often leads them towards rejection of application which is agonizing for them. Moreover, they also unaware of false and enticing promises made by unauthorized agents. Under such circumstances, holding hands with a leading and trusted counselor like RREC is extremely crucial. We capitalize on imparting comprehensive information through counseling, seminars, group invitation, and so on. Parents and students are always welcome to contact us regarding any sort of MBBS in Russia queries.

RREC has been operating as an official representative for KSMU and several other prominent medical universities in Russia for years. We are trusted by thousands of parents and students who are already doing their MBBS in Russia and are quite satisfied with our service and approach for them. It is our honesty and transparency in service that brought true regards and reputation from parents and students. We are always there to offer you the best of our effort to get admission to MBBS, Russia.

Benefits of Consulting RREC

  • We offer complete details regarding admission requisition, procedure, and fee structure.
  • A one-stop solution for all your MBBS admission in Russia.
  • Providing information with utmost clarity and transparency.
  • A trusted consultancy for MBBS admission in Russia.
  • Official Representative of many reputed and prominent medical universities, Russia.
  • Tie-up with top-notch medical universities in Russia.
  • Highly efficient team and support staff.
  • Dedicated Team to help you reach your MBBS destination History of successful MBBS admission and zero rejection.
  • 24×7 services and expert support.
  • 100% successful admission in MBBS.
  • Religiously follow international standards and norms and maintain high quality.

Frequently Ask Question

Q – What are the monthly expenses for students in Russia?

The average monthly expenses for students in Russia may range between $100-150. However, anything more or less than that will be determined by the personal lifestyle of the students.

Q – How can students deal with health issues?

All students are provided medical insurance that covers up all their medical expenses. Moreover, they can see eminent doctors in the university hospital or clinic anytime. Their medical insurance is renewed every year.

Q – Do students have to go through any entrance examination for admission?

No, there is no entrance exam. Direct admissions for Indian or foreign students are invited.

Q – Will the university refund fees if a student does not want to pursue some reason and return back?

No, there is no such provision. Once the student has enrolled and paid the fees, it cannot be refunded because that seat is already wasted due to that student.

Q – How can I get an education loan to do MBBS abroad?

The eligibility for an education loan will entirely depend on students’ family background. You should visit the nearest bank to know more about loan sanctions on education abroad.

Q – When does the academic session starts?

The academic session for MBBS students starts from the 1st week of September.

Q – Do students have to face any Visa interview process?

No, students do not have to go through any such process to obtain Visa.

Q – Is NEET qualification essential for admission?

Yes, it is absolutely mandatory. It is also a mandatory certificate to appear in the NEXT (National Exit Test) examination after completion of the MBBS course from abroad and getting a license to practice in India after clearing NEXT. The student must qualify NEET in the year he/she is intending to take admission.

Q – Do I need to clear NEXT if I want to pursue continuous education or practice in the same destination country from where I have completed MBBS?

No, you need to appear in NEXT only if you wish to practice in India. If you want to practice in the same destination country you are not supposed to appear in NEXT.

Q – Whom to contact in case of emergency or students face any issue during the stay in Russia?

In case of any emergency, students can contact the “International Student Department”. They may also consult RREC’s official representative, always there to help students in such circumstances.

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