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Becoming a doctor is a coveted dream for many aspirants in India. Hence in the pursuit of your dream career, if the selection of the best medical university is not given due consideration, your dream might end-up in a nightmare. Especially when you are searching for MBBS abroad, your admission to a top-grade NMC recognized medical university can play a vital role in a successful medical career and goal achievement. Study MBBS in Russia can be a great option when you are searching for MBBS registration 2021. The current data reveals that students all over the world are immensely passionate and enthusiastic about doing MBBS courses due to certain advantages of study MBBS in Russia. The MBBS admission process is very simple and hassle-free. Indian students can get direct admission after NEET qualified marks; as NEET is mandatory for all Indians students to take admission in India or abroad. 

Russia is not only the largest country in the world but has a very advanced and updated education system as well. It has established a pristine infrastructure that is best to none and paralleled to many USA, Canada, and European top-grade medical universities and institutions. Experienced faculty members and teaching staff that comprises professors, scientists, academicians, lab experts of eminent-pedigree provide their services in medical universities in Russia. However, the prime reason to be part of a proud list of students who are already completed their MBBS in Russia and practicing their medical careers worldwide is its world-class medical education at low-cost fees. This is simply unbeatable because the cost of living is quite affordable and MBBS fees in Russia are unarguable 3 times lesser than many top private colleges in India and it is less than other countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc.

About Russia

Russia is a beautiful and also the largest country in the world. The country is extended in 17.1 million sq. km area which is almost 1/8th area of the earth. The territory of Russia occupies the East of Europe and the North of Asia. Moscow and St. Petersburg (also known as Northern Capital) are the two major and largest cities in the country. Due to the large expansion of its territory, the country has multiple climatic conditions. It has a very dry to hot summer whereas in winter experiencing snowfall is very common. The country is covered with 13 seas, thousands of rivers, and millions of lakes. Russia has is divided into as many as 11 time zones. It shares its boundaries with several neighboring nations such as China, Finland, Mongolia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.


Why RREC (Reliable Russian Educational Consultants) is so Reliable and Popular in India?

To study MBBS in Russia in a top-ranked medical university is a matter of pride. Hence taking any risk to go through unknown or unreliable agents will risk not only your hard-earned money but students’ career as well. Hence, choosing the best educational consultant abroad like RREC who is the best in the business and have more than 16 years of exceptional and flawless experience not only enhance your chances of getting admission to a top-grade medical university of your choice through direct admission but provide you a stellar opportunity to get an internationally recognized MBBS degree as well.

The RREC team is the official representative and an authorized admission partner of all the NMC recognized medical universities in Russia that are listed on our website. We assure you that you will never feel alone and isolated in your journey towards your dream destination. We discharge all the responsibility and work related to direct admission in NMC recognized Russian Medical University that starts from providing honest opinion and information to empower you to choose the best medical university in Russia. If you are interested and contact us for MBBS abroad, we never let you down and that’s our promise.

Unlike others, we are a true and authorized admission partner in Russia and other prominent universities in the world. Even if students find themselves in any sort of trouble after admission our university representative will always be there to listen to their issues during the entire duration of MBBS in Russia for Indian students. Absolute transparency, trustworthy advice, and quality services are our motto and aspiration that drives us apart and in a different league than others. Contact us without any hesitation, even if you want to drop-in for just formal advice and suggestion regarding MBBS education or MBBS registration 2021.

Remarkable Achievement and Services by RREC for Indian Students

  • Have been helping students and parents all over the country achieving their MBBS goal.
  • Provide the best educational consultancy for MBBS abroad in Russia.
  • Awarded for reliable, trusted, and performance-driven results in MBBS admission abroad
  • Valuable and irreplaceable guidance for appearing screening test (NEXT/FMGE) and getting NMC registration
  • Affordable charges without any hidden cost
  • Hassle-free admission, travel, accommodation arrangement in Russia.
  • Official admission partner for more than 20 universities in Russia.
  • Our contact number is mentioned on the university’s official website.
  • History of successful MBBS admission and zero rejection.
  • 24×7 services and expert support.
  • 100% successful admission in MBBS.
  • Tie-up with top-notch medical universities in Russia.
  • Highly efficient consultant team and support staff.

Reasons that attract students doing MBBS in Russia

Get Direct Admission in MBBS Course

If doing MBBS is the only thing in your mind, then a direct admission in MBBS in the top medical universities in Russia through RREC will be the most appropriate solution in 2021. Trustful guidance is another crucial thing to direct admission to the top medical university. RREC is an official admission partner to study MBBS in Russia (Check our contact number for personal satisfaction on the official website of NMC recognized Medical Universities in Russia) provide all assistance, guidance, and complete information to get you through in MBBS admission without entrance exam.

Subsidized MBBS Education

Indian students have to go through immense extortion and mental stress when pursuing MBBS in Indian private medical colleges are concerned as the cost of MBBS in India is not everybody’s cup of tea to afford. On the other hand, Russian Medical Universities offer low-cost MBBS through direct admission for Indian students. The reason for the extremely low-cost MBBS program is the subsidized education policy from the Russian Government. Thus, the fees of MBBS in Russia are almost three times cheaper as compared to India. Mind you, medical education is simply world-class, thus there is no compromise with the quality at any cost.

Admission 100% through Authorized Admission Partner

Russian Medical Colleges accept admission applications through an official representative and an authorized admission partner only to trample any form of fraud and fake efforts. RREC the only official partner in India facilitates all kinds of support and assistance to get hassle-free direct admission to the NMC recognized medical university of your choice.

MBBS Course in English Medium for International Students

This is an ideally suitable advantage of study MBBS in Russia for Indian and international students. There are plenty of NMC recognized Russian medical universities that offer MBBS in English medium. The duration of the English medium MBBS course is 6 years while the Russian medium MBBS program’s duration is 7 years. However, the Russian language is taught in the first-year to all international students so that they don’t have to confront any issue while dealing with the patients in the hospital during their training and day-to-day issues outside the campus.

Globally Recognized Degree

The degree obtained after the completion of the MBBS course in Russia is accepted, acknowledged, and recognized all over the world. RREC assures you to overcome and dissolve all sorts of doubts and apprehensions regarding all relevant aspects to study MBBS in Russia so that you can make your decision confidently and conveniently.

Experienced and Globally Renowned Faculty

Getting the best medical education is almost impossible without the best faculties. Since many Russian medical universities are listed in the WHO top 100 medical universities in the world, the professors, teachers, and academicians teaching in the university have strong international influence and experience to teach international students. They have scientific backgrounds and hold doctorate degrees.

Sophisticated Infrastructure

Without adequate infrastructure facilities for training and research purposes, it is almost impossible to render world-class medical education. That is why the Russian Government pays considerable attention to developing advanced infrastructure students interested in doing MBBS abroad. The campus buildings, scientific laboratories, hostels, research centers, sports & leisure halls. Moreover, global standards and measures are followed in all established and top-grade medical universities.

Benefits of doing MBBS in Russia

Russian Medical Universities are renowned all over the world for their unparalleled and unique teaching methods that are primarily focused on practical learning and training. The emergence of Russia in the last 2 decades is extremely fruitful for MBBS in Russia for Indian students as it is the best option for them because it offers exceptional medical education at an affordable and low-cost. The advantage of study MBBS in Russia is abundant such as:

  • World-class and advanced medical education system combined with adequate infrastructure that offers impeccable and reliable practical and research-based training
  • There are plenty of seats for International students and a sufficient doctor-patient ratio to practice medicine in Russia.
  • Among the top 100 medical universities in the world, 30 belong to Russian medical universities.
  • The degree acquired after the completion of the MBBS course is recognized all over the world and it is accredited by the NMC of India and WHO.
  • IELTS, TOEFL is not mandatory for admission. It also saves the cost of appearing for such tests.
  • The course curriculum of medical universities in Russia is very similar to Indian medical colleges.
  • Students can return to India and pursue post-graduation or continuous education without any extra cost.
  • Students are eligible to practice a medical career anywhere in the world after clearing the medical licensing exam of the respective country.
  • Russia and India share a pleasant economic, political and social relationship, hence students will study in a peaceful environment.
  • The cost of doing MBBS in Russia for Indian students is reasonably low and affordable as compared to private medical colleges in India.
  • Both English and bilingual program is available, Indian students can choose English as a language of instruction for MBBS course in Russia.
  • Accommodation is easily available to Indian students in the form of a campus hostel or accommodation outside the campus.
  • The majority of medical universities facilitate coaching centers to prepare NEXT/FMGE screening tests.
  • Russia is not too expensive, hence the cost of living is quite affordable.
  • The cost of living will be $120-150 depending on their lifestyle.
  • A variety of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, European, and Continental food is also available in hostel mess.
  • Students can make their own food because the adequate provision is available in the hostel.

Disadvantages to study MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

Though Russia is reckoned as one of the appropriate destinations for the MBBS program, yet there are few areas where Indian students have to negotiate with challenging conditions, such as:

  • The climate of Russia can be challenging to adapt to initially.
  • In winter, the temperature is cold condition.
  • The temperature goes below zero-degree. Snowfall is very common in winter.
  • Initially, students have to face homesickness as they have to stay away from the family and home.
  • They will find themselves in an entirely new culture and tradition and takes time to mix with them.
  • The local language is Russian, so students will have some issues dealing with locals until they learn the Russian language which is taught in the first to third year of MBBS.
  • Russia has a modern lifestyle that may distract students from their goals.
  • It will be a little difficult to adapt to a new place, weather, culture, and unfamiliar language.

Quality Benchmark & Duration for MBBS

Sans doubt, Russian medical universities have set a quality benchmark in the education industry. It also consistently focuses on technically upgraded classrooms and advanced scientific labs. For this reason, the medical university in Russia is on boom like never before, attracting medical aspirants from all over the world. The MBBS duration in Russia is 6 years for English medium and 7 years for Russian medium. 

Fees/Low-cost MBBS in Russia

Russia is an affordable place for MBBS courses. The education is subsidized by the Russian Government. Hence the cost of MBBS in Russia is comparatively cheaper and low as compared to India and other parts of the world including the USA, UK, Canada, etc. The cost of the English-taught MBBS course normally ranges between $3500-9500$ yearly depending on the university. Hence to study MBBS in Russia for Indian Students is preferably better than paying huge donation in India

Medical Courses in Russia

Name of Courses Duration
Medicine (MBBS) 6 years
Pediatrics 5 years
Pharmacy 5 years
Dentistry 5 years
Nursing 4 years

Accreditation & Recognition of Medical Universities

Russian medical universities are duly accredited and recognized by the National Medical Commission of India (NMC). It has also been accredited by World Health Organization (WHO), United State Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), FAIMER, American Medical Association (AMA), United Nation Education, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO), European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTAS), Department of Education (USA), and the General Medical Council of Britain.

Russian Top Medical & Federal Universities 

Hostel & Accommodation option for Indian students

International students are offered hostels facility at an affordable cost. The hostel buildings and rooms are well-furnished with all modern and essential necessities such as central heating system, water, electricity, Wi-fi, telephone, laundry, bedsheet, study-table, etc. The hostel building comprises single, double, and triple bedded arrangements. Common Kitchen is also available for those who want to cook their own food. Moreover, plenty of restaurants and cafeterias are also available at nearby distances serving delicious Indian, European, Chinese, Malaysian, Russian, and more food. Students can also reside in a rented apartment in Russia, nevertheless, it is recommended to seek the university hostel during the initial years until students do not get familiar with the local language and environment. There is a separate arrangement for boys and girls. Hostel buildings and university campuses are quite safe and secure for both girls and boys. All modern safety arrangements are duly applied in universities to ensure a safe and peaceful environment for medical education. RREC representatives will also help students to find suitable accommodation in Russia.

Eligibility Requirement: 

To get admission to the MBBS in Russia program applicant must fulfill the following eligibility criteria given below:

  • The age of the applicants must be 17 years on or before 31st Dec of the year of admission to MBBS in Russia.
  • The applicant must have passed the higher secondary school.
  • The subjects in 12th must comprise Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English
  • The percentage must be 50% or above per subject in PCB as per NMC. But some universities are accepting applicants 65% per subject in ECB. 
  • NEET is mandatory for Indian students.
  • IELTS and TOEFL not required.

Document Required

  • A passport with at least 2 years of validity.
  • Certificate and mark sheet of 10th class. (Higher school)
  • Certificate and mark sheet of 12th class. (Secondary school)
  • The NEET Scorecard. (with Qualified marks)
  • Fees Guarantee letter for 6 years. from parents. 
  • Notarized birth certificate if the student is not 18 years old. 
  • 20 passport size photo – 4.5 x 3.5 cm with 80% face at the matte paper. 
  • Documents apostille from the Ministry of HRD & External Affairs, India.
  • Medical fitness certificate. 
  • Report of HIV test (Negative).
  • Documents should be translated & legalized by the Russian Embassy.

Scope and Opportunity after Doing MBBS in Russia

There is a deluge of options for Indian students if they complete their MBBS from the Russian medical university.

Many Indian students prefer to return to the homeland to continue their career in medical fields whereas many of them opt to continue their education or career in Russia or some other countries like the USA, UK, and Canada. Indian students have to go through NEXT (National Exit Test), now known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) screening exam if they want to practice in India. The NEXT screening exam is conducted twice a year in which candidates are required to secure 50% marks to clear the test. International students who have completed their MBBS in Russia can also continue 2 years residency to acquire specialization in particular medical domains like gynecology, cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, and so on. 


Top medical universities in Russia facilitate students for NEXT/FMGE screening preparation in Russia along with the MBBS course. Right from the first-year students are provided true mentorship and coaching to pass the NEXT/FMGE screening test in India which is going to be implemented from 2022. NEXT examination, which is formerly known as FMGE/MCI screening test, is a mandatory step to clear for all foreign medical graduates if they want to practice a medical career in India. Moreover, Students can also prepare for USMLE/PLAB during the MBBS in Russia if they want to pursue their medical careers in the USA and UK. 

NEET Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Russia 2021

The minimum age to appear in the NEET exam is 17 years at the time of admission or by December 31, 2021. There is no upper age limit. Candidates must have passed in qualifying subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. The validity of the NEET 2021 results will be three years from the date of its announcement. The minimum qualifying mark as per NEET 2021 is as such below:

Category Minimum aggregate percentage in PCB
General 50%
General – PWD 45%
SC/ST/OBC/Reserved-PWD 40%

Important Note: Students and parents should know that NEET exemption is a one-time exemption for 2020 NEET aspirants. Apart from this exception, the NMC of India regulation and order on this matter is that the requirement of qualifying NEET-UG is mandatory for aspirants of MBBS or its equivalent qualification from any foreign nation. Hence if any unauthorized agent offers to Study MBBS in Russia without NEET abroad, you should be very careful and immediately reject that offer. Consult our expert overseas educational advisors to clear all apprehension and gets a guided-information regarding MBBS in Russia. Don’t hesitate, consultation with the RREC team is absolutely free.

Admission Intake and Deadline

To get hassle-free admission students should know about intake, deadline, and beginning of the academic session. The admission process starts in June. However, the appropriate time to apply for admission is before October. The intake begins in September. It is advisable to get the admission procedure and MBBS registration 2021 completed well before the deadline.

The academic year for MBBS study in Russia consists of 2 semesters of 18 weeks each. The first semester begins in September till January and the second semester in February till June. Students can relish a vacation of 2 weeks in January and 6 weeks in July-August. Students are should reach there before 10 September.

English medium MBBS course

The medium of instruction in abundant NMC recognized medical is English. It is highly beneficial for international students including Indians. The Russian language is also taught to students which facilitates them to learn the local language and dialect as well. Teaching and training for the English-medium MBBS course are provided by professors highly experienced and experts in teaching foreign universities.

Here RREC would like to inform parents and students that agents who are neither authorized representatives nor have direct access to university admission, often exhibit tuition fees for Russian taught MBBS program or falsely promoting a bilingual MBBS course as a fully English-taught course. The fees for such program are cheaper than complete English medium course but they take you fees of English-taught course. Hence you should be very careful about this. Get in touch with our education consultant for free counseling to understand everything about the medium of instruction and other doubts.

Cost of living in Russia

Despite having a lavish lifestyle and culture the cost of living in Russia is relatively cheaper than in many western countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, etc. For Indian students, the average monthly expense on living will be around $120-160. St. Petersburg and Moscow are top cities in Russia hence the cost of living during the MBBS in Russia for Indian students will be higher.

Who is eligible to Pursue MBBS in Russia?

If you have made up your mind to follow your dream MBBS course in Russia you should know who can get admission to the medical university without any issue. Indian students can apply through the online admission procedure which is hassle-free and trouble-free as well.

The age of the candidate interested in doing MBBS in a reputed medical university should be 17 years in the year in which the admission is applied for. He/she must have completed his/her higher secondary education from a recognized institution or board in India. The student must have cleared higher secondary with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology including English and secured a minimum of 50% marks in accumulation. MBBS without NEET is not permissible, so you should also clear NEET as we. Moreover, if you want to pursue a postgraduate program you should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Admission Procedure for Russian Universities

The online admission procedure for MBBS in Russia is convenient and transparent. It involves the following steps:

Step 1: Application Form

  • Fill in the application form online or visit the RREC head office or any local branch in your state.
  • Upload all the relevant scanned documents online to our website such as; passport, school certificates, NEET result.

Step 2: Approval of Application & Admission letter

  • RREC team will check all documents properly and will apply for you to your selected university. University will take 4-5 working days for application approval and then they will issue an admission letter or provisional letter.

Step 3: University Invitation

  • The invitation letter will take 7-10 days in some universities and in some 22-28 working days (as per electronic invitation)

Step 4: Visa Process

Once the invitation letter received by RREC officials, they will prepare all documents for the visa and apply for you a student visa. Documents that will be required for the visa process include:

  • Filled visa application of Russian Embassy, Passport, Original invitation letter, HIV test report, 12th class mark sheet, 6 photos on matte paper.

Step 5: Arrival in Russia

  • The candidate should fill migration card on arrival to the Russian Federation at the airport after at Moscow.
  • One of the representatives from the RREC team will receive the student at the airport and help in discharging further formalities.

Step 6: University Formalities     

  • Once you arrive at the university or a particular city, our representative will do all the formalities at the Department of visa support and registration room at the university. (Documents submission for registration & visa extension). Students must submit their documents for registration to the Dean’s office for international students within 3 days of arrival in Russia.
  • Students will have a thorough medical check-up too.

How RREC Team Plays a Pivotal Role for MBBS in Russia for Indian Students in 2021?

RREC is the official representative or admission partner for Top NMC recognized medical universities in Russia which makes us the number one educational consultant for MBBS abroad. Parents and students can see our contact number as an authorized representative for MBBS admission in Russia 2021 for their satisfaction at the university’s official website. We are in this domain for many years, helped thousands of medical aspirants reaching their medical goals. Young students and their parents are not aware of the procedure involved in MBBS admission in Russia. As a result, they often get into the hand of unauthorized agents who easily befool them by fishing several attractive and floating schemes which hardly exist. Such agents often ask to pay 6 years fees altogether which the university does not ask for. They may also bait students by offering them 60% subsidized education in Russia if they get admission through them. However, the fact is that the Russian Government provide subsidy on education that reduces the cost of doing MBBS in Russia by 50-60 percent and it is available for all without paying anything to agents. There are various similar fake tricks and fake promises made by agents who are neither authorized nor have direct contact with the medical university in Russia. So Beware of unauthorized agents.

What should students and parents do then?

Candidates who are interested to study MBBS in Russia should always consult the most experienced and authentic official representative for MBBS admission in Russia.  Here are some essential points that will help you to avoid fake agents and become a victim of forgery:

  • Always consult the official representative of the MBBS admission to a top medical university in Russia.
  • Do not believe the educational advisor you are consulting until you are fully satisfied with their approach, true intent, and identity as an official representative.
  • The relation of the Educational Consultants does not end once you are placed into the medical university of your choice, but it goes along through the entire course.

Advantages to Study MBBS in Russia for Indian students through RREC

  • A one-stop solution for MBBS admission in Russia in 2021
  • Direct admission in MBBS for Indian students in Top Medical Universities of Russia. 
  • RREC is a registered educational consultant overseas.
  • Students are safe from all kinds of fraud and fake work.
  • We are an Official representative for admission to NMC recognized medical universities in Russia mentioned on our website.
  • All information under one roof, from selecting a university to getting admission, visa, ticket, etc.
  • Authentic information provided to parents and students at every step up to the completion of your MBBS Course.
  • Never hides any facts and truths, sheer transparency guaranteed, Trusted by parents and students across the country.
  • 100% admission guarantee in the top medical universities in Russia. Tie-up with top-notch medical universities in Russia
  • Excellent support system for Indian students. Opportunity to connect with students already pursuing MBBS in top Russian universities.
  • True commitment, transparent policy, and unconditional assistance throughout the MBBS course.
  • Complete advice and information on MBBS admission, fees, accommodation, and loan application.
  • The RREC team handles everything from pre-admission to arrival in the university and accommodation to settlement.
  • Even students can contact our official representative present in the university whenever they are in need.
  • History of successful MBBS admission and zero rejection. 24×7 services and expert support.
  • The highly efficient team of consultants and support staff. Continuous support and assistance until the completion of the course in Russia.
  • The RREC team is a popular choice of students in India because of our sheer reliable and honest dealing. Minimum charges and fees with no hidden cost.

What RREC Team Do For You?

  • Application form submission for admission. Receiving university admission & invitation letter on student’s behalf.
  • Provide 100% assurance and assistance for visa. Meeting with the Embassy of the Russian Federation.
  • Flight arrangement from Delhi to Moscow or a particular city. Receiving students at Moscow Airport.
  • Pre-departure briefing and tips and guidance for comfortable settlement for MBBS in Russia
  • Procuring appropriate hostel or accommodation arrangements in Russia. Providing all sorts of assistance to students to settle down in Russia.
  • Arrangement of food/mess for Indian students. Assistance after admission whenever you needed.

We believe all the relevant and valuable information has been delivered here which will be adequate for your search for MBBS in Russia. For any further information on MBBS admission in NMC recognized medical university in Russia, you can directly contact us at the head office in Delhi and branches all over India. You will find us a true companion and a trustworthy representative for admission to the MBBS program in Russia.

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