Ten Interesting facts Why to Study MBBS (Medicine) in RSMU

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Here are the ten interesting facts about why to study Medicine (MBBS) at Rostov State Medical University, Russia 

Rostov State Medical University is one of the best institutions for higher learning in the field of Medicine in Russia. The globally recognized institution was established in the year 1930, a non-profit-based public university. The highly accredited medical institution is based in Rostov-On-Don city and offers all pre-bachelor degrees that include: diplomas and degrees. The modern one-of-a-kind medical institution also offers master’s degrees as well as a doctorate in medicine. This only goes to show the levels of professionalism one can attain while studying MBBS at the RSMU. RostSMU has a strict admission policy that allows for quality and professionalism whilst admitting new students into the institution. In order to study MBBS, one must take an entrance exam and also provide information on the previous academic record as well as grades.

Choosing to study MBBS at RSMU is one of the best decisions one can make for the following reasons:

  1. Rostov State Medical University is recognized globally as one of the best institutions of higher learning in Russia, provides an amicable learning environment as well as high-quality training to ensure that the student comes out of their course equipped, knowledgeable and ready to tackle the challenges awaiting in the medical world and ensure that they are successful in the end.
  2. RSMU is choosing the highest possible training one can achieve in his/her medical career. This is owing to the fact that the university received the highest fourth state accreditation. 
  3. Unlike most medical institutions, the University offers different professional levels of medicine from a Bachelors’s degree all the way to a doctorate. This allows the students to be at their best regardless of whatever professional level of medicine they are in.
  4. Despite the highly accredited institution, which is based in Russia, the university recognizes its ability to offer high-quality education and training and thus offers a place for international students from over 30 countries in Africa, Asia, UAE, and Europe.
  5. The university has an internationally recognized medical diploma program. The medical diplomas offered are acknowledged by global institutions.
  6. Opting to study MBBS at the said university is choosing a modern environment that allows one to learn the craft in peace and with the provision of modern facilities at one’s disposal. Some of these modern facilities include academic buildings, clinics, libraries, hostels for students, a gym, and several student canteens.
  7. The RS Medical University has joint research programs with other recognized scientific institutions in order to achieve the most accurate of a result.
  8. The biggest scientific, and educational institution in the whole of Russia that allows for the training, certification, and professional development of medical as well as pharmaceutical workers.
  9. The RSMU allows for postgraduate studying on 55 specialties at internship and mastership.
  10. Last but not least, the RSMU runs its courses in both English and Russian medium which takes into consideration the Russian natives as well as international students.

Choose to study MBBS at RSMU today and grow into the best professional doctor you have been dreaming to become. 

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