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Study Medicine in Russia: Studying in Russia can be an exceptionally good idea for a person who aspires to do medicine. The application process to study in Russia is less stressful compared to other abroad schools in other countries where normally students apply for a limited number of positions in the school. One of the advantages of studying medicine in Russia is that you don’t necessarily need an entrance examination. Why study medicine in Russia?  No entry exams needed. Easy student visa application process and acquiring. The best facilities offer safe medical study environments. The application and admission procedure are simple. Recognized degrees International accredited universities with the best education.  Best academic standards. There is a possibility to study in English. Russian universities’ education fees are more affordable and suitable for all foreign students. Russia has a large extensive, skilled and experienced system of education both locally and internationally. Graduates from Russian Medical Universities having full knowledge in their profession, that’s why in big demand in the Medical field globally, they are working in several prestigious sectors in the Medical field.

Available Universities with RREC:

Main Faculties for foreign students: Medicine (MBBS), Dentistry (BDS), Pharmacy, Preparatory course. Fully English Medium is also available for foreign students is Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy. Same faculties are available in Russian Medium also.

Russian Medical Universities Recognition:

All Russian Universities governed by Ministry of Health and Education of Russia. Recognized by Medical Council of India, World Health Organization, ECFMG (USA), Medical Councils of African, Arabian, Asian & Europian Countries, etc. RREC TEAM is working with top, government, and reputed  Medical Universities of Russia.

Ranking of Russian Medical Universities

Russian Medical Universities having good word ranking, for details you can check on the internet for your selected university and you will find from 100-5000 ranks maximum universities are there. And on country-level ranking, universities we are promoting all are top-ranked. Some of them are Rostov, Kazan, Kursk, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Izhevsk.

Fee structure of Russian Medical Universities

Fees for English medium, medical faculties start from  4500-9500 USD Dollars (It includes tuition, hostel, medical insurance, documentation). But mainly depends upon the selective university and city, which matters a lot. Fees for Russian medium medical faculties start from 2800-5500 USD Dollars (It includes tuition, hostel, medical insurance, documentation). Course duration for Medicine is 6 years, Dentistry-5 years, Pharmacy -5 years, Preparatory course: 8-10 months.

Government Hostels of Russian Universities: In Russia, it’s mandatory to live in a hostel for foreign students, Russian government and universities are providing best hostels for foreign studentsper each room sharing by 2 or 3 students. Some universities having hostels on campus or some having nearby 30-40 minutes from the main campus.

Admission Procedure for study medicine in Russia | Top medical universities

The admission process begins by you sending us the scanned copy of the documents listed below:

  • Filled application form
  • Passport
  • Secondary school certificate or transcript
  • Photos (passport size 35*45mm at the matte paper)

We will get you the admission letter and invitation letter from the selected university. We will also guide you through the entire process and will complete all documentation including visa, ticket (for Indian students), For other countries aspirants, we will provide admission, invitation letter and will guide time to time for visa process, tickets, and for mandatory documentation. All incoming students who are taking admissions through us will receive at Moscow airport by RREC TEAM.

RREC TEAM has been of great help to an international student who aspires to study Medicine in Russia. They act as a one-stop consultant for a study of Medicine in Russia.  RREC always helps a lot of students in terms of choosing the best prestigious universities, courses offered, tuition fees, admission procedures, study opportunities, bi-lateral exchange programs. RREC helping Indian & foreign students for many years It is, however, advisable to seek admission through RREC GROUP that is well recognized and authorized by the Russian Top Medical Universities. Here is the official website it easy for international students to apply online. 

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